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Modern society is rapidly becoming more dependent on technology with every passing minute. More specifically, the ever-growing iPad range. We use them in our everyday jobs, at home streaming movies and television, even when travelling around the globe to capture and record precious moments. There are functions found on the tablets to benefit everyone. Unfortunately, they can prove extremely fragile when dropped, or they collide with something hard. It’s an unavoidable aspect that has followed every generation, from the 6 right to the Pro 9.7. That is why, at Case Buddy, we offer a vast online selection of cases and accessories that protect screens, reduce impacts, and promote greater convenience during use.

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Cases and accessories for every function

How do you use your iPad? Is it integral to your career, streamlining processes and procedures? Is it how you document your vacation, freezing every wonderful memory in high definition? Or is it simply how you entertain yourself after long, exhausting days, sitting on the couch and relaxing? Maybe a combination of all of them?

This is the beauty of the iPad range. The 5, 6, the Air, the mini, the Pro 9.7 – they are all so versatile and capable of transforming our lives. CaseBuddy strives to take that transformation even further, by making a complete selection of cases and accessories available to buy that will undoubtedly improve your experience. These include 360 Rotation Backlit Wireless Keyboards, Multipurpose Organiser Sleeves, waterproof and shockproof cases, Trifold Stands with auto sleep/wake functions, and so much more.

Whatever generation tablet you have, whatever purpose you use it for, CaseBuddy has offerings that can make it better.

Something to buy for every iPad owner

Here at Case Buddy, we strive to accommodate every iPad owner. In our online selection, you are sure to find something to buy for the 5, the 6, the Air, the mini, or the Pro 9.7. For any questions about what we offer, or our policies surrounding shipping or returning items, please do not hesitate to contact our attentive team today by sending an email to