iPad 9.7 Leather Look Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Title: Black iPad 9.7 Leather Look Bluetooth Keyboard Case
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Single Color iPad 9.7 Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case (2017)
Original CaseBuddy. Fits iPad 9.7

Turn your Apple iPad 9.7 into a Netbook with this case with featuring a bluetooth keyboard

The Apple iPad 9.7 was just recently released, so now there is a wave of new iPad 9.7 accessories. One cool item is the Apple iPad 9.7 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard. Normally the case of an iPad, iPod, or other portable gadget is simply a way to protect the item. While this slim line PU leather iPad 9.7 case is protective, it also includes a built-in Bluetooth keyboard for much more effectively data entry into an iPad 9.7.

While the case is designed to fit an iPad 9.7, the Bluetooth keyboard can be used with just about any device that supports Bluetooth including iPhone, laptops, smartphones, etc. With a built-in 450mAh lithium-ion battery, the keyboard should last for about a week without needing to be recharged. To fully recharge, just plug in a mico-USB plug for 4 to 5 hours. (A micro USB charging cable is included.) The Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity gives this keyboard a wireless range of about 10 meters.

Anyone that uses an iPad 9.7 or other tablet computer a lot knows how cumbersome it can be to type on the virtual keyboard. With a regular keyboard, typing is much more efficient, for more effective entry of emails, blog entries, text messages, Facebook comments, etc. Having the Bluetooth keyboard built right into this iPad 2 case just makes everything so much easier.

When this combination iPad 9.7 case/keyboard is in use, it can prop up the iPad for easy viewing. It makes it a lot like working on a compact laptop/netbook computer. This not only makes typing much quicker, it is more ergonomic to help cut down on back-aches. Plus the keyboard is designed to be silent, allowing someone to type without disturbing others.

Single Color Apple iPad 9.7 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Perfect combination for iPad 9.7.
  • Soft, waterproof, space saving design.
  • Use the iPad 9.7 in a variety of positions.
  • Keyboard made of silicone, case made of high quality polyurethane leather.
  • You can use this keyboard with most device that have bluetooth or USB adapter.
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPad 3G, iPad 2 / iPad 2 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S if upgraded to IOS4.
  • Silence design, it won't affect other people's rest.
  • Built-in Lithium Battery: 450mAh which can last for about 1 week.

Case Buddy offers the same iPad 9.7 cases found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.

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