Samsung S8's Bugs - CaseBuddy Australia
SAMSUNG’S effort to regain consumer confidence and trust in the safety of its products has hit a slight snag.
After launching its new flagship smartphone in New York last week — the Galaxy S8 — users lucky enough to get their hands on the device have found a slight problem with its facial recognition security feature.
The feature allows users to unlock the phone by letting the front camera scan their face, but the system can be tricked into opening up by simply using a photograph of its owner for the camera to scan.
A YouTube channel named iDeviceHelp tested the feature — one of many to enable users to unlock the phone — but found it was far from secure.
By holding up a second phone depicting a selfie photo of his face on the screen, the user was able to quickly trick the device into unlocking itself.
Following the launch last week Samsung described its suite of security options as “foolproof”.

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