iPhone 8 Splitting Open - CaseBuddy Australia
IN THE wake of iPhone 8 users complaining about a “static crackling” sound coming from the earpiece, new reports have emerged of an issue that no software update will be able to fix.
With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus released less than two weeks ago, two different cases have surfaced of the phone splitting open.
An iPhone 8 Plus owner in Taiwan has said that her phone broke open shortly after being put on charge.
According to local media Ms Wu, who had purchased her 64GB rose gold phone just five days earlier, plugged her device into the charger and three minutes later the front panel began to bulge and lift away.
She was reportedly using the correct Apple supplied charger cable and adaptor at the time of the incident.
The split phone has reportedly been shipped back to Apple so experts can assess the damage and hopefully determine the cause.

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