Hector I Universal Adjustable Tablet Floor Stand

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Product Type: Floor Stands

CaseBuddy Floor Stands from Hector.

Premium stretchable bracket that is compatible with any tablet PC, E-reader with max thickness of 0.51 inch and width between 7 to 10 inches, including iPad Air, iPad Air2, iPad 3 etc. Together with the sturdy and solid stand that holds your device firmly, this may be the last tablet holder you ever need to buy. The stand has an universal holder that is adjustable from both ends. It can be adjusted to fit your iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy tab, Sony tablet and Windows tablets. You can adjust the stand height and rotate the gooseneck to get the best viewing position from your chair, couch, bed or even from standing position. The base is heavy and firm so the stand will remain stable and not tilted. Full 360° rotatable aluminum bracket ensures you have the optimal viewing angle any time you need.

  • The most fashionable and stylish land fall stand holder with adjustable height, 360-degree rotatable aluminum bracket and solid round base.
  • Let your hand totally free.
  • Adjustable from 70cm to 120cm heights 
  • Relax and enjoy life lying on the sofa or wherever you like.
  • It can be bent and changed freely to support user's demand.
  • Easy to assemble, facilitate storage.

      Full access to all of your device's features and cable management feature keeps your workspace free of clutter 

      Case Buddy offers the same desk stands found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.