Extended Mouse Pad Armrest

Title: Red Extended Mouse Pad Armrest
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CaseBuddy Desk Stands & Mounts.

  • Ergonomic Healthy Computer Armrest and Mouse Pad Features, Brand new Ergonomic Healthy Computer Armrest and Mouse Pad, Base and attachments made of strong ABS plastic.
  • Attaches to desktops up to 4 cm thick, Attaches to chair armrest up to 8cm wide and 5cm thick, Adaptable for right or left hand users, Prevent your shoulders from strain, fatigue and soreness.
  • Good for your blood circulation and health, Reduces stress to the neck, arms and shoulders, Reduce pressure and minimise pain with the Arm/Forearm Support with its unique and appealing design.
  • Extended pad provides a comfortable work / support surface for mouse use, Created to offer greater comfort while working with a computer mouse whether at home or the office,
  • Includes desk and chair attachment hardware, No assembly tools necessary, Perfect for home or office; work or play, Ergonomic Healthy Computer Armrest and Mouse Pad Specifications.

    Full access to all of your device's features and cable management feature keeps your workspace free of clutter 

    Case Buddy offers the same desk stands found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.

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