Many consumers perceive PayPal as a “cheap” feature - if you want to run a respectable business do you really want your customers to look at your business as having cheap fixtures? An important thing to know about PayPal is that it is not a bank. PayPal is not required to follow the same rules that banks need to follow, and sometimes problems do occur. At the slightest provocation, PayPal has the right to freeze your account, meaning you might not be able to accept payments and the funds in your account would be made unavailable, sometimes up to 6 months. 

We're happy to announce that we have dropped PayPal & are now operating with a merchant only! CaseBuddy is 100% Paypal free.

What this means for you is a nice, seamless checkout process & no more high processing charges. No more hassles of being redirected to PayPal to make a payment. Just input your credit card information in the added area at checkout & you're good to go! Our customers are our top priority so rest assured that all information is encrypted for your security. With PayPal professional processing is just impossible.

We hope you enjoy this added convenience & as always - if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask.


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