Hearing that Apple will be coming out with an iPad mini and a sixth generation iPhone is nothing new. These rumours have been around for months now and would be in keeping with Apple’s product refresh schedule as well as meeting the needs of the market.

One thing that we haven’t heard a lot about is just when these new devices could be expected. Well, it turns out that Apple will be holding one of their annual events on September 12 and it’s very likely that both of these devices will be announced at that time. From there, a predicted launch date of both devices has been established for September 21st.

All of this information comes by way of the iMore blog which has had a good track record in predicting past Apple product launches including the iPad 3 launch as well as the pre-order date for the iPhone 4S. Assuming that the iPhone 5 launch date is accurate, it would mean that the Cupertino company waited 11 months since the iPhone 4S to launch a new smartphone.

In terms of the new iPad, Apple is expected to launch a smaller form factor tablet, one that will have a display screen that is 7.85-inches in size. Aside from that, this device is expected to have the same features as the 10-inch iPad 3.


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