Apple holds 39% of US smartphone market, far ahead of Samsung's 23%. Apple's iPhone increased its lead in the United States smartphone market through the end of May, inching toward a 40 percent share, while the other major competitors outside of Samsung lost share.

The newest figures from market research firm comScore found Apple going coming out of May with a 39.2 percent share of U.S smartphone subscribers, up 0.3 points from the period ending with February. Google's Android remained the overall top platform among America's smartphone owners with a 52 percent overall share, but Apple's iOS was second with 39.2 percent.

A solid second to Apple was its chief rival Samsung, which also gained share in the period ending in May, likely due to the launch of the Galaxy S4, Samsung's new flagship device. The South Korean conglomerate, which is the number one overall leader in smartphone sales worldwide, saw its share of the U.S. market move up 1.7 points from 21.3 percent in February to 23 percent by May.


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