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Perhaps new research that found more iPhone buyers opting for legacy models over the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will give Apple a little nudge to make sure there's really incentive to buy the forthcoming iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) instead of going with the 7 or 7 Plus later this year.

Not that Apple necessarily is going to take any cues from research outfits like Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, but anything to ensure that the next flagship iPhones aren't dull is worth at least pointing out...


Battery life is far from a glamorous topic, but really, what's more important in terms of an iPhone upgrade for most users? As Apple Insider reports, citing the relentless KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could be planning to use a logic board format that will allow for more space in the iPhone 8 chassis, and that could mean room for a more powerful and longer lasting battery.

"Shrinking the size of the mainboard also has the added benefit of allowing for greater energy efficiency," Apple Insider reports. "The one-two punch of a larger battery and more efficient parts has led Kuo to predict that the "iPhone 8" could boast even better battery life than the iPhone 7 Plus."

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