Apple's late co-founder, Steve Jobs, famously denounced the idea that Apple should make a smaller iPad (perhaps named iPad Mini, iPad Nano, iPad Micro), saying as late as 2010 that a smaller screen would not match up with the apps that have made the iPad so popular.

According to reports, Apple is prepping a smaller iPad mostly likely named the iPad Mini to take on tablets from competitors like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The iPad Mini would supposedly sport a 7- or 8-inch screen, reduced from the 9.7-incher on all three generations of Apple's existing tablet. The smaller iPad could be announced in October and released in time for the holidays. 

So what shall it be called? Rumors circulating suggest iPad Mini is mostly likely. Suggestions are iPad Nano and iPad Micro but that would make the iPad too small and just be an iPhone. Like the iPod naming scheme... iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod and iPod Touch.

Our bets are on the name iPad Mini but we will have to wait and see as Apple did a backflip on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumormill and released differently named products.

CaseBuddy has been working with their factories and suppliers in China and Korea to be first out the gate with iPad Mini cases in Australia.

Stay tuned for more information has we are allowed to release it regarding the iPad Mini and iPad Mini Cases

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