iPad mini photos have been leaked hours ahead of the big event scheduled for later tonight Australia time.

If it is indeed true that the iPad Mini is currently in the works of being developed, only one key question remains: how would this potential product effect sales of the larger version? The only real concern is that the iPad Mini will prove to be nothing more than a smaller, more limited version of the iPad and it will fail to sell as well. Will the public favour a more limited version of something they already own. 

Of course, we could be wrong about everything and the iPad Mini could go beyond expectations and a scaled-down, less expensive version may be a hit.

The Galaxy Tab by Samsung, the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire can cost around $200-$250. Assuming Apple's new mini-tablet beats the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab for screen quality, the new tool holds promise as a slick, low-cost presentation tool for business folk and the perfect size entertainment station for the kids.

After the big announcement later tonight we will be releasing our range of iPad Mini Cases, iPad Mini Covers and iPad Mini Bags.

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