iPad 5 Release Autumn or Spring?

So it seems that observers are divided on whether we'll see the new iPad in spring or autumn, with pundits dashing around and lining up like a game of Runaround. On 22 February, analyst firm TrendForce opted for the autumn launch line, claiming that we'll see a completely overhauled iPad 5 in September 2013.

Just to throw an extra release date into the mix, accessory manufacturer MiniSuit reckons the new iPad will be released in June. Gizmorati also reckons the iPad 5 will be shown off in June - specifically on June 29, six years to the day from the launch of the original iPhone. Citing an "inside source from Apple", Gizmorati claimed on 19 March that an event, called 'Original Passion, New Ideas', will see the launch not just of the new iPad but also of the iPhone 5S. However, given that June 29 is a Saturday, we're filing this particular rumor in the 'Probably Total BS' file.

So in summary, the iPad 5 will be released in either March (wrong!), April (wrong again!), June, September or October. Surely there are sources out there willing to bet on May and July?

The early release dates mentioned above could have slipped due to a shortage of touch sensors for the iPad mini (the same sensors that are expected to be used in the next iPad) if you believe a Digitimes report of 7 March. Japanese firm Nishha - Apple's main supplier of the sensors - was reportedly boosting its output to meet demand but Digitime's sources reckoned the iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 could still be fighting over this component when they go into production, causing one of them to be delayed.

However, there was a vague sign that a new iPad was waiting in the wings. When retailers start to cut prices that's sometimes because they're clearing out stock to make way for a newer model, and as Cult of Mac notes, in the US that's just what Wal-Mart, Best Buy and MacMall all did on Wednesday 3 April, reducing prices of the iPad 3 and iPad mini prices by about 30%. So were the April release date rumours correct after all? Er, no.

Back to rumour-magnet Digitimes. The Taiwanese site now reckons, as per a report of 9 April 2013, that iPad 5 production will not begin until the "July-August" period of this year, which will no doubt please those analysts who are predicting an autumn release.

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