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Samsung wasn't expected to release its Galaxy Note 9 until much later in the year. But now a new report suggests its release could be bumped up due to a disappointing Galaxy S9 launch.

The Korean tech giant could release the Galaxy Note 9 as early as July or August instead of offering the new handset in September, like it did with the Galaxy Note 8, The Investor is reporting. It's believed that Samsung's Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ haven't been performing as well as the company might have hoped. An earlier replacement, the report suggests, could help Samsung overcome missed financial targets.

Samsung released its Galaxy S9 line earlier this month, and based on our review of the S9 and S9+, they're best Android phones you can buy. The handset comes with improved power, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and the camera offers much improved low-light performance. A new feature called Intelligent Scan marries the handset's face and iris scanners to create a more convenient way to unlock the devices.

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However, beyond that, not much has changed compared to the Galaxy S8 that hit store shelves last year. And consumers may be sticking with their older handsets for now.

Samsung released its Galaxy Note 8 on Sept. 15, which at the time, was considered a bit late. In years past, the company stuck to a late-August time frame to help it beat Apple's flagship to the punch. But Samsung also need to ensure that the Note 8 was safe so as not to repeat the fire hazard debacle that was the Note 7.

For its part, Samsung hasn't commented on Galaxy S9 sales and likely won't until it reports earnings for its most recent quarter. And even then, the company could pitch the Galaxy Note 9's possible early launch as an opportunity to beat Apple to store shelves rather than a response to the Galaxy S9.

Either way, look for the Galaxy Note 9 to come with a few major updates. The Investor, whose report was earlier discovered by SamMobile, added that it's possible the Galaxy Note 9 could come with a larger 6.4-inch screen. The Note 9 could also get a fingerprint sensor embedded into its display, so you wouldn't have to reach around the device to unlock your phone.

Stay tuned for Galaxy Note 9 rumors as they emerge.

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