The signs are all pointing to one thing: Apple is indeed working on a cheaper, plastic iPhone model for debut this fall. The most damning evidence thus far is a report from New York-based labor rights organization China Labor Watch detailing production of such an iPhone.

This report made some curious references to a plastic iPhone — a product that doesn’t yet exist on the market:

Today’s work is to paste protective film on the iPhone’s plastic back cover to prevent it from being scratched on assembly lines. This iPhone model with a plastic cover will soon be released on the market by Apple.

The task is pretty easy, and I was able to work independently after a five-minute instruction from a veteran employee. It took around a minute to paste protective film on one rear cover. The new cell phone has not yet been put into mass production, so quantity is not as important. This makes our job more slow-paced than in departments that have begun mass production schedules

A low-cost iPhone, possibly called the iPhone 5C makes sense for Apple as it looks for new ways to grow its mobile hardware business

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