Cheap iPhones sold by ALDI - CaseBuddy Australia
“Due to delivery issues the iPhone 6 will not be on sale this weekend in NSW, WA, SA and some QLD stores. It will however be on sale on the 24 October. Stores are able to take names until close of business Sunday if customers would like to wait for their stock to arrive. Therefore, customers can still order the phone,” Aldi said in a statement to 9Finance.
The refurbished Apple smartphones will be available in two colours (Space Grey or Silver) and will come unlocked to service providers with a 12-month warranty.
So is it worth the cost? Other online retailers are listing refurbished 16GB iPhone 6 models for around $469, so with a price tag $20 cheaper, it isn’t exactly one of the jaw-dropping bargains we have come to expect from the discount retailer. It is convenient, though.
Apple’s online store doesn’t sell the iPhone 6 anymore. After releasing the new iPhone 8 and the iPhone X last month, the tech company is now only offering the slightly updated iPhone 6s from $699, brand new.

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