News dot com dot au has been running a smear campaign against the iphone5 since the day it was announced almost 2 weeks ago. The iphone5 can't do this, the iphone5 can't do that, the iphone5 has taken my baby. 

For example read this one: "It's the little things I miss about Steve's influence - apps locking up while loading ... incorrect map data, and a few other small graphical user interface issues that cause me to think about getting a Samsung Galaxy 3," the developer said.

So, the developer said that. Who is this developer? Hasn't got a name and sure does not recommend to buy any other phone, he recommends to buy the Galaxy 3 like any other article from this news site encourages you to buy the Samsung Galaxy.

Cut it out Newslimited it is getting boring write something true about the world's best mobile phone or write nothing. Your lies stink.


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I noticed the same. Got my iPhone 5 this week and it rocks.

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