APPLE is reportedly working on a talking iWatch which could include a navigation system, health and fitness monitoring features and have Siri branch out to become a wearable personal assistant.

The New York Times reports secret sources within Apple’s Cupertino headquarters have confirmed the technology giant is working on a watch made out of a revolutionary curved glass.

The blog posted on the weekend tips some of the features on existing Apple products that would be likely to appear on an iWatch include a wireless payment system.

Apple never confirms or denies rumours about upcoming products but the New York Times sources say the watch would feature Willow Glass, a revolutionary glass that flops and bends without breaking.

There has long been talk of Apple making a watch, with wearable technology tipped to be the next step in personal communications to follow the era of smartphones.

Many people have tipped an Apple iWatch since the redesign of the iPod Nano which can be warn on the wrist as a do-it-yourself watch with a third-party wrist band.

The rumour may well be true or it could be a furphy as Apple continues to work on iTV, another long-rumoured product that many analysts have tipped to be launched this year.

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