Rumours continue to surface about the Apple iWatch, with launch of the Galaxy Gear from Samsung. Apple fans can't wait for the device to launch and be compared to the ones already in the market.

New rumours about the iWatch suggests that Apple may be the first to use the flexible OLED display on the device, there were rumours that Samsung could use it on the Galaxy Gear, but evidently dropped the idea. Smart watches today are being offered along with a premium smartphone or tablet, Sony for example offers the SmartWatch 2 along with the Xperia Z1 and Samsung offers the Galaxy Gear smart watch as a companion device to the Galaxy Note 3. Apple has two choices, either it can offer the iWatch as a standalone, with its own sim card or allow the device to connect to the upcoming iPhone 6 or iPad 5 through Wi-Fi, without a sim of its own.

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