1. Ease of Use
The iPad mini is just so easy to use. Not that the 10-inch is cumbersome, but you definitely notice the difference. I find myself leaving the iPad mini in various rooms, and not just by the television. Because of its size, I instantly downloaded the Kindle app and started reading my Kindle books again--something I continued to put off doing on the 10-inch iPad.

2. It's light as a …
I tend to wrap up the night by reading my RSS feeds on Google Reader on my iPhone in bed, checking Facebook, playing Words With Friends, Scramble, and some others. I've tried that same experience in the past with the iPad, but have found that it keeps me awake because it requires me to stay in a certain position to get comfortable. In the case of the iPad mini, it's light enough that I can pretty much hold it the same way I was holding the iPhone.

3. 1024x768 means full web
Since the iPad mini features a 1024x768 display, you can choose to go with the mobile-friendly version, or go for the full-blown website. I also like that I can use the iPad optimised apps on the smaller screen, or blow up the iPhone apps to full screen.

4. You can type with your thumbs
I figured when I saw the over-stretched hand of Phil Schiller holding the iPad mini, that there was no way this device would let me type like a human being. I was happy to see that when holding the iPad mini in portrait mode, I can type just about as fast as I can on the regular iPhone. See the video below.

5. All of those apps!
I mentioned before that you can take advantage of the familiar iOS experience. In my world, that means many iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad. So, out of the box, I just logged in with my Apple ID and then carefully chose which Apps to run on the iPad mini.

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