iPad Mini & iPad Mini Retina Leather Look Keyboard Case

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Product Type: ipad mini case
Turn your Apple iPad Mini into a Netbook with this case with featuring a bluetooth keyboard
Fits iPad Mini & iPad Mini Retina

Enjoy the best of both worlds, the touch screen of a tablet and the real physical keyboard of a laptop in a convenient and super portable sub netbook size.

Anyone that uses an iPad Mini lot knows how cumbersome it can be to type on the virtual keyboard. With a regular keyboard, typing is far more efficient for email, notes, blog entries, text messages, FaceBook comments..

Our iPad Mini case/keyboard can prop up the iPad Mini in easel mode for easy viewing. It makes it a lot like working on a netbook. Best of all our keys feature a silent action rather than the audible clackiness of inferior keys.

Apple iPad Mini Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Perfect combination iPad Mini.
  • Soft space saving design.
  • Use the Pad Mini in a variety of positions.
  • Keyboard made of silicone and polymer
  • Case made of high quality polyurethane leather.
  • You can use this keyboard with most devices that have bluetooth or USB
  • Silent typing
  • Built-in Lithium Battery: 450mAh which can last for about 1 week.