CaseBuddy Water Resistant Carry Bag

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CaseBuddy Water Resistant Carry Pouch for iPad

Fits any iPad: iPad1, iPad2, new iPad

For iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, new iPad
Have you been caught in a shower on the way to a meeting, class or a lecture? Scared your iPad might get wet? Maybe you are after an iPad pouch that offers extra protection and reassurance from the elements.
The CaseBuddy water resistant carry bag is 30cm long and 22cm wide. Big enough to accomodate your iPad with case installed. It has 2 in-depended pouches, one for your iPad and the other one for your accessories. It also has a carry handle that pops out if needed.
The CaseBuddy Water Resistant Carry Pouch is perfect for those who like to use their iPad out and about. Take your iPad to the park, school, cafe, construction site or hiking and don't have to worry about moisture, dust and knocks affecting it.
With a professional black finish, light padding and water resistance this pouch will give you the freedom to take you iPad where ever you need to.
The CaseBuddy Water Resistant Carry Pouch for iPad features:
  • Secure 2 way zipper
  • Durable wear resistant exterior
  • Soft plush interior lining
  • Suitable for business or pleasure
  • Secure carrying handle
  • Padded without being bulky
  • Available in black
  • Fits all iPad versions while they are wearing a case