iPad Attache Leather Messenger Bag Black

Product Type: iPad 2 Case

Case Buddy Attache Leather Messenger Bag for iPad 2 in Black

Fits any iPad: iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4

The Case Buddy Attach̩ Messenger Bag is designed for the long haul. If you are in the alleyways, slipping between lectures and tutes, sliding into gigs or living in the fast lane, this bag is for you. This bag with built in iPad 2 case is perfect to protect your iPad without having to remove it every time you want to use it. Made from durable PU leather and available in black or red it has space for cards, pens, styluses, paper and other goodies you need during the day. Comes with a removable, comfortable PU leather strap.

Uniquely designed, high quality iPad carry case. No need to remove iPad to use it. Provides excellent protection for your iPad. 

Good texture, great feel and smooth interior lining. Matching color stitching for a professional look. Functional and fashionable front pockets designed for mobile phones, cards etc. 

  • Front flap magnetically secured
  • Push-button closure at the bottom secures your iPad
  • Shoulder strap convenient for travel
  • Suitable for business or pleasure

The Case Buddy Attach̩ Messenger Bag has the protection of a leather iPad case, the storage of a laptop case, the durability of leather, the style of a designer hand bag.