Jenicka Cushion Bluetooth Speakers

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Jenicka by CaseBuddy Bluetooth Speakers.

Play it here, hear it there. Forget about wires, cords, and poor sound quality. Crank up the volume and tune into the incredible tone and power that our Speaker Pod is so loved for. The perfectly circular housing design allowed us to fit it with a kicking' little 4" speaker cone for punchy sound that doesn't distort at even maximum output. Pair that with some of the best features in portable amplification, and your music is now free to move you. Built in is the latest Bluetooth technology for a strong, uninterrupted signal that frees you of the mess of tangled wires but sacrifices none of your music's fidelity. Faithful audio reproduction and an up-firing design result in lifelike sound with ample headroom and oomph. Stream music, live radio, podcasts and audio books from any Bluetooth-capable device, or choose to hook into any 3.5mm jack using the included auxiliary cable. Even group calls are more fun with an amplified phone signal from your compatible smartphone. For even lighter listening, the Jenicka Cushion Bluetooth Speakers can read music directly from your micro-SD card! No need to schlep your phone or tablet along. 

  • Bluetooth-enabled for Wireless Musical Amplification
  • Crystal-clear Highs, Full-bodied Midrange, and Rich, Resonant Bass Response in a Convenient Design
  • Battery Operated for a Device That Goes Where You Go; Use Included USB Cable for Charging
  • Package Includes: Portable Speaker Pod, Split USB/AUX Cable, User Manual

Case Buddy offers the same bluetooth speakers found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.