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 iPhone 5 & iphone 5s Retro Cassette Case
 iPhone 5 & iphone 5s Retro Cassette Case
 iPhone 5 & iphone 5s Retro Cassette Case
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iPhone 5 & iphone 5s Retro Cassette Case
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Are you looking for something retro?

Do you want a distinctive iPhone case that isn't your run of the mill generic design? Then you need this charming and practical iPhone 5 Retro Cassette Case which looks a real "old school" cassette tape.

This cover is made for the new Apple iPhone 5 devices, and it is crafted from dark/soft TPU Gel that helps prevent damage to your phone. Additionally, this cover shields the back of the phone and protects it from dust and moisture that may be on a table or other surface that your phone commonly comes in contact with. You'll never have trouble finding your iPhone when you choose this case style, because it is just so fun and unique. Your phone will stand out from the rest, and you'll enjoy the cool retro style. As an added benefit, if you forget your phone in your car and if the phone is case side up you might get lucky and not have your car burglarized.

Why purchase the Retro Cassette Case now?

  • Protects Apple iPhone 5 surface against abrasion and cover scratch marks
  • Protects Apple iPhone from dust, fingerprints and bumps
  • Anti skid Design , prevents Apple iPhone from sliding down
  • Your iPhone 5 is easy to insert or remove
  • Constructed out of high-quality silicone, a material that is very strong and durable
  • Easy cut outs and a clever design enable you to easily control every button and connector on your iPhone 5

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