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iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Smart Bag - CaseBuddy
iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Smart Bag - CaseBuddy
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iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Smart Bag
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Case Buddy Waterproof Smart Phone Bag for iPhone 6 Plus.

Stay dry in wet conditions!

The IPx8 case is ideal for all smartphone and iPhone 6 Plus owners who find themselves needing to protect their phone from sand, dust, cream, grease, water, salty water and any other aggressive agents which pose a threat.the voyager case is guaranteed by ipx8 international certification, demonstrating its ability to protect electronic devices at depths of up to 20m.

The IPx8 case is made from a special material which allows you to call, digit and write even on the touchscreen display, and take photos, without taking the phone out of the case.

  • Protects Apple iPhone 6 Plus surface against abrasion and cover scratch marks
  • Protects Apple iPhone 6 Plus from dust, fingerprints and bumps
  • Double safety fastening
  • iPhone 6 Plus easy to be inserted and removed
  • Made of high-quality materials, very strong and durable in usage
  • Perfect design enables you to easy control all the iPhone 6 Plus buttons and connectors
  • Waterproof up to 20m (certified IPx8)
  • Sound-transparent waterproof material
  • Neck strap