iPhone 6 Plus Removable Puzzle Case

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Product Type: iPhone 6 Plus Case

CaseBuddy iPhone 6 Plus Removable Puzzle Case

  • Durable TPU
  • 6 delightful floral motifs
  • Button clasp
  • Protects Apple iPhone6 Plus surface against abrasion and cover scratch marks
  • Protects Apple iPhone6 Plus from dust, fingerprints and bumps
  • iPhone easily inserted and removed
  • Made of high-quality materials, very strong and durable
  • Perfect design enables you to easy control all the iPhone buttons and connectors

With its soft ABS outer and durable TPU internal structure, you get the best mix of natural and man made materials at cost and quality which are second to none.

CaseBuddy offers the same iPhone6 Plus cases found at retail stores for a fraction of the cost! CaseBuddy also offers a unique range of cases not available to the domestic market.

Order today and we'll ship it to your home or business within 3-9 business days or even faster!