iPhone 5c Deluxe Leather Look Wallet Case

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Delivery Time: 3-12 Days
Product Type: iPhone 5c Case

CaseBuddy iPhone 5c Deluxe Leather Wallet Case

The most popular leather business case for iPhone 4 is now available for iPhone 5c.

With toughened polyurethane leather and a snug polycarbonate shell your new iPhone 5c will be safe from knocks and look sleek too. This iPhone 5c Sleek Case effectively protects your iPhone 5c from all the scratches and scrapes of daily use while maintaining an extremely professional aesthetic.

Just like the sleek book or wallet style case you have been using for your iPhone 4, this case keeps your phone and credit/eftpos cards in one safe place. Your pocket. Who needs pockets full of coins, phones, wallets etc to lose when all you need is one item to keep you eye on?

Case Buddy offers the same iPhone cases found at most retail stores for a fraction of the cost! Order today and we'll ship it to your home or business within 3-9 business days or even faster!