iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Shockwave Protection Case

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Apple iPhone 5 & 5S Shockwave Protection Case

 There's a built-in screen protector in front of the foam-lined shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame that's covered in silicone. All ports are sealed, so you'll be able to feel comfortable about having your iPhone 5 & 5S out in dust, sand, and rain. It comes in eight different color combos: black/black, black/blue, black/citron, olive/lime or pink/black and more. The Shockwave Protection Case may cost a bit more, but it's giving you some impressive protection.

  • Protects Apple iPhone 5 & 5S surface against abrasion and cover scratch marks
  • Protects Apple iPhone 5 & 5S from dust, fingerprints and bumps
  • Anti skid Design , prevents Apple iPhone 5 & 5S from sliding down
  • Apple iPhone 5 & 5S easy to be inserted and removed
  • Made of high-quality materials, very strong and durable in usage
  • Perfect design enables you to easy control all the Apple iPhone 5 & 5S buttons and connectors


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