iPad Mini 3 iMotore Children Safe Case

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Product Type: iPad Mini 3 Case

CaseBuddy Child Safe iMotore iPad Mini 3 Case

Childproof & shock protect your second and forth generation iPads with this ultra protective iPad Mini 3 case.

The iMotore does give protection to your iPad Mini 3 and this case ist extremely good when it comes to design and style. You can use this iPad case being a photo frame and certainly, kids will love watching movies on this case. It is kids friendly and fits both iPad 2 and iPad 3/4. This is often a cool iPad Mini 3 case for youngsters.

The design on this case is amazing: it turns the iPad Mini 3 into a child’s best friend. The grips give the case a life-like appearance while also serving to stand up the case (for watching cartoons and movies), and the grips become handles that your child can easily pick up the iPad Mini 3 and carry it around with him. The incredibly light weight EVA foam (non-toxic) is soft and squishy. The grips are bendy and tough, so your child can play with the case all day long without causing any wear or tear.

This ultra flexible case works as a stand in portrait or landscape mode and comes in three funky colours.


The CaseBuddy iMotore for iPad Mini 3 features:
  • More drop resistant than standard cases
  • Super grippy for small hands and kids fine motor skills
  • Funky kid friendly colours
  • Perfect for schools
  • Kids love it
  • Made of Rubber Foam
  • Perfect for kindergartens
  • Perfect for the elderly with motor issues
  • Limited spill protection
  • Low weight
  • Access all ports
  • Works as a stand in portrait or landscape mode
  • Super flexible case

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