iPad Air Leather Look Ambassador Stand Case

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Product Type: iPad Air Case
CaseBuddy iPad Air Leather Ambassador
4 upmarket colours to chose from
The CaseBuddy iPad Air Leather Ambassador is a premium upmarket iPad Air case without the upmarket price tag. Our handcrafted iPad Air accessories will make your new iPad Air look even more impressive with its larger screen size and slimmer design. We are proud to offer fresh, inventive designs that incorporate the latest advancements in technology and manufacturing to supplement our already robust lineup for other iPads and iPhones. Manufactured from superbly realistic like polyurethane leather, it offers the benefits of both real leather feel and polyurethane durability.


The CaseBuddy iPad Air Leather Ambassador is the ideal business iPad Air case. Available in four upmarket hues. It is perfect for:


  • Reading news on your iPad Air
  • Watching a movie with your iPad Air
  • Playing a game using your iPad Air
  • Writing emails using your iPad Air
  • Following a recipe with your iPad Air
  • Searching the web using your iPad Air
  • Presenting to a customer with your iPad Air
  • Checking sports scores on your iPad Air
  • Running your favourite iPad Air app
  • And more...


With its synthetic leather outer and synthetic internal structure, you get the best mix of natural and man made materials, cost and quality.