iPad 2/3/4 Enduro Rotator Stand v1.0 Case

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CaseBuddy Enduro Rotator Stand v1.0 iPad 2/3/4 Case

Childproof & shock protect your iPad with this ultra protective iPad 2/3/4 case.

Do you love your iPad 2/3/4? Chances are you children will love it too!

Turn your iPad 2/3/4 into a serious learning or entertainment powerhouse for your child. Why bother with junky learning toys when your iPad 2/3/4 can be safely turned into a learning workstation with a CaseBuddy Enduro Rotator Stand v1.0 iPad Case? Children love the tactile nature of the iPad's touch screen. It makes perfect sense to them.

This ultra flexible case works as a stand and comes in three funky colours.

Dimensions: 265x190x30

The CaseBuddy Enduro Rotator Stand v1.0 features:
  • More drop resistant than standard cases
  • Super grippy for small hands and kids fine motor skills
  • Funky kid friendly colours
  • Perfect for schools
  • Kids love it
  • Made of Rubber Foam
  • Perfect for kindergartens
  • Perfect for the elderly with motor issues
  • Limited spill protection
  • Low weight
  • Access all ports
  • Works as a stand in portrait or landscape mode
  • Super flexible case

Case Buddy offers the same iPhone & iPad 2/3/4 Accessories found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.