Gooseneck Tablet Desk Holder

In stock: YES
Delivery Time: 3-12 Days
Product Type: Desk Stands
The Gooseneck Tablet Desk Mount will clamp securely onto just about any flat surface, propping your iPad perfectly into view. Whether perfect means up at eye level, sideways, down low, upside down, back the front your iPad will be displaying information where you need it.

Manufactured from alloys and metalised polymers the Gooseneck is lightweight yet sturdy, durable and reassuring. The flexibility of the holding mechanism means this mount will work with just about every 7 to 10 inch tablet whether its an iPad, Android Tablet or Windows tablet and still retain access to all ports.

This iPad/Tablet Table Clamp is perfect for as an:

  • Original iPad 1 table mount
  • iPad 2 table mount
  • New iPad 3 table mount
  • iPad Mini mount 
  • Samsung Galaxy 10.1 table mount
  • Samsung Galaxy 8.9 table mount
  • Blackberry Playbook table mount
  • HP Touch Pad table mount
  • Asus Transformer table mount
  • Sony S Tablet table mount
  • Google Nexus 7 table mount
  • and pretty much every 7-10inch device

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