Galaxy S4 Tempered Armor Glass Screen Protector

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Delivery Time: 3-12 Days
Product Type: Screen Guard

Premium Tempered Armor Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Tempered Armor Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 is an anti-shatter film that sits on top of your tablet screen and offers the best protection for your Samsung Galaxy S4 available on todays market. It has been die-cut for a perfect fit, and protects your screen against scratches and other potential damage.

Protection against cracked or shattered screens

Screen impact is dissipated over the tempered glass surface to manage extreme pressure if the Samsung Galaxy S4 is dropped or knocked in your bag.


Your Samsung Galaxy S4 is now safe

Your precious Samsung Galaxy S4 is now safe in your cluttered backpack, classroom or office.


Super hard, super scratch resistant

This hardness rating offers superior protection and scratch resistance to sharp objects such as keys, coin edges and stones. It will not scratch as easily as your regular PET screen guards.


Simple application, with no bubbles

These are super simple to apply, unlike some PET screen guards. Your order will include a super easy to use application kit.


Less smudges, smears and mess

An oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and smudges, and makes cleaning as easy as a single wipe.


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