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 iPhone 4 Glow In The Dark Case
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iPhone 4 Glow In The Dark Case
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Glow In The Dark iPhone 4G Case

Tired of looking for your phone at night?
Is your phone's screen light not bright enough at night?
Never lose track of your phone at night ever again with this Glow in the Dark phone skin.  If you don't want to turn on the lights at night but need to locate your phone, nothing is more annoying than having to grope around for your phone.  You might hurt your hand or trip over something if you're groping around in the dark looking for your phone.  
Lead with Light
This tastefully designed phone skin not only protects your phone, it helps you find it quickly and safely.  During times you're too groggy or you don't want to turn on the lights out of consideration to others, looking for your phone won't be any problem thanks to the phone light's ability to shine in the dark. The light won't bother anyone getting a restful sleep since it glows dimly, while still letting you distinguish it in the darkness. 
A Perfect Fit
The case is designed to fit the Apple iPhone 4 4G. The use of Dark Soft TPU Gel protects the phone's backside from any damage. The case also prevents the phone's back cover from collecting dust while it's left on the table. In case of any accidental droppings, the gel cushions the phone from any shock damage.It can also protect the back cover from fingerprint marks and scratch lines.
The iPhone skin comes in three colours: green, white, and purple. These three colours not only cover a wide spectrum of phone users (both male and female tastes), but also stand out brightly once the lights go out. No colour too dark or too difficult to see is used. These light shades are perfect for the iPhone 4 since the model only comes in black.
The phone skin is not only useful for dark rooms and corners. Women will find it particularly useful when they search through their bags in a dimly lit area. Bag interiors are already dark inside to begin with. Spotting one's phone in a vast space of books, makeup, and pens can be done in seconds thanks to the coloured, Glow in the Dark phone skin.
The glowing phone skin has many practical advantages and contributes to today's gadget-centric lifestyle. It's important to keep our phones, computers, tablets, etc. from external dangers. The glowing phone skin helps greatly in this cause. 
Start looking for a glowing phone skin now!
  • Protects Apple iPhone surface against abrasion and cover scratch marks 
  • Protects Apple iPhone from dust, fingerprints and bumps 
  • Anti skid Design , prevents Apple iPhone from sliding down 
  • iPhone easy to be inserted and removed 
  • Made of high-quality silicone, very strong and durable in usage
  • Glows in the dark so you can find your phone at night
  • Perfect design enables you to easy control all the iPhone buttons and connectors, no need removing the iphone case cover