Rotating 360 E-Book Tough Case for iPad Mini

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Rotating 360 E-Book Tough Box iPad Mini Case

3 Layers of extra protection.

Childproof & shock protect your second and forth generation iPads with this ultra protective iPad Mini case.

Do you love your iPad Mini? Chances are you children will love it too!

Turn your iPad Mini into a serious learning or entertainment powerhouse for your child. Why bother with junky learning toys when your iPad Mini can be safely turned into a learning workstation with a CaseBuddy Rotating 360 E-Book ToughBox iPad Case? Children love the tactile nature of the iPad's touch screen. It makes perfect sense to them.

This ultra flexible case works as a stand in portrait or landscape mode, rotates 360 degrees and comes in many funky colours.

The CaseBuddy Rotating 360 E-Book features:

  • More drop resistant than standard cases
  • Super grippy for small hands and kids fine motor skills
  • Funky kid friendly colours
  • Perfect for schools
  • Kids love it
  • Made of Rubber Foam
  • Perfect for kindergartens
  • Perfect for the elderly with motor issues
  • Limited spill protection
  • Low weight
  • Access all ports
  • Works as a stand in portrait or landscape mode
  • Super flexible case

Case Buddy offers the same iPhone & iPad Mini Accessories found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.

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