Dagi Disc Super Twist Top Fine Tip Stylus

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The Dagi Super Twist Top Fine Tip Stylus pen is a unique one. Durable, accurate and a completely different approach to any other stylus we sell. The tip can be hidden by rotating the former part of the stylus. Spare tips are available, ensuring a long, economical life. A bonus tip is included with every order.



The clear tip at the end is a innovative plastic disc, mounted to the pen by a tiny spring that allows the disk to lie flat on the screen whatever the pen angle.

Length: 132mm (full length); 120mm (tip hidden)
Diameter: Tip 7mm; Holding body 9mm
Twist Grip: Rubber
Color: Black&White
Material of Holding body: Metal
Material of Tip: Plastic
Weight: 25g


  • Accuracy
  • Spring part increase tip flexibility
  • Adjustable pre-angle of disc to suit your holding habit
  • Long life time
  • Tip can be renewed by user
  • Transparent and elastic sensing tip (works better on Handwriting and drawing applications)
  • Power free
  • Easy to paint/ draw / note
  • Easy to aim at the small icon
  • Easy to play games
  • Slide smoothly
  • High responsive and light action force
  • Easy to do handwriting
  • Easy to edit: Cut / Copy / Paste
  • Easy to browse website


The innovative Dagi disc stylus is perfect as an:

  • iPad Stylus
  • iPad Mini Stylus
  • iPhone Stylus
  • iPod Touch Stylus
  • Android Stylus
  • Windows 8 Stylus

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