Companion Vintage iPad Case

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Product Type: iPad 2 Case

CaseBuddy Companion Vintage iPad 2 Case

Fits any iPad: iPad2, iPad 3 & iPad 4

You're after a professional yet highly protective case for your iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4. A corporate patent leather case isn't your thing? And you're not after a funky red, pink, white or blue iPad2 case. The Case Buddy Companion iPad case is just for you. Manufactured out of soft jeans and tan PU leather the CaseBuddy Companion is perfect for those who like a professional image sans suit and tie.

Featuring a highly secure yet retro belt buckle fastening system there's no chance your iPad 2 or new iPad will slip out of this one.

The soft micro-suede lining is gentle on your touch screen and assists in keeping it smudge free.

  • Soft yet tough PU Leather exterior
  • Form fitting protective case for maximum protection 
  • Durable lightweight construction 
  • Soft synthetic suede inner liner
  • Secure retro belt buckle design

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