CaseBuddy iPad Black Zipper Pouch

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CaseBuddy iPad Zipper Pouch

Fits any iPad: iPad1, iPad2, new iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7" 

CaseBuddy iPad Zipper Pouch

This under stated, professional CaseBuddy Pouch is perfect for all iPad models. It keeps your iPad safe from scratches, moisture and fingerprints in transit. Unzipping its smooth padded polyurethane exterior reveals the funkiest shade of orange this side of the General Lee.
The dual directional zipper design is convenient to open and close. The soft inner lining is completely abrasion free, keeping your iPad in A1 condition.
  • Funky orange interior
  • Padded classy black exterior
  • Made of premium quality polyurethane
  • Dual way zipper design for your convenience 
  • Comes with soft inner liner
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Rain resistant
  • Stain resistant and washable
  • Provides the best protection for your iPad

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