Gripper Child Safe iPad Case

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Product Type: iPad 2 Case

CaseBuddy Child Safe Gripper iPad Case

Do you love your iPad? Chances are you children will love it too!

Kid proof your iPad and transform it into into a serious learning or entertainment workstation for your child. If you're using an iPad anywhere in the vicinity of children, you know that they have an uncanny ability to sniff it out and be drawn to the pretty colors and flashing lights. While there are so many fantastic apps designed for kids' entertainment and educational purposes, sometimes kids' lack of deft can leave you standing nearby in the event of an accidental drop.
The CaseBuddy Child Safe Gripper gives them a wonderfully squishy surface to grab onto while they're watching Disney clips or learning their letters. 

This ultra flexible case works as a stand in portrait or landscape mode and comes in four bright colours.

The CaseBuddy Child Safe Gripper features:
  • More drop resistant than standard cases
  • Super grippy for small hands and kids fine motor skills
  • Funky kid friendly colours
  • Made of Rubber Foam
  • Perfect for schools
  • Perfect for kindergartens
  • Perfect for the elderly with motor issues
  • Low weight
  • Super flexible case